Chianti Winestillery

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The visit to the distillery + Winestillery Mixology Class includes:

  • Welcome gin & tonic,
  • Complete tour of the distillery with the narration of the story and the philosophy behind our distillery,
  • Video projections, explanation of the various distillation techniques with a description of the alembic and of the products.
  • Mixing course for 3 Classic Cocktails

Maximum 8 people. Minimum 2 people.

Medical/luggage/cancellation insurance Rental: BICYCLES, SCOOTERS AND CARS Return flights Excursion / tour guide Transfers

Winestillery is the first and only of its kind in the world, a cross between a Winery and a Distillery, providing a new take on an extremely traditional product, wine, prepared in unconventional Tuscan products, such as Gin, Vodka, Vermouth and all other categories of Wines and Spirits that poses a challenge for the Master Distiller. Winestillery thrives and evolves thanks to experimentation and to the dialectic between the finest eonological know-how and the finest art of distillation. This is why it has embraced a holistic production philosophy, set out in the company’s Grape to Glass Manifesto, whereby each product is “tailored from the grape to the glass”.

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