If Italy can boast the most enticing cuisine in Europe, Tuscany is both its kitchen cupboard and inspiration. This sunny region lined with vineyards is rich in slices of culinary paradise and is the perfect place for enjoying the best food and drink experiences.


The Chianti area between Florence and Siena, Arezzo and the Pisan Hills, is the fulcrum of Tuscany, the crib of ancient wine-making traditions, of a culinary culture based on simple and rustic ingredients such as pulses, mushrooms, game and cheeses. During a stay in Tuscany it’s an absolute must to go on a food and wine tour in Chianti to get to know all the delicacies and discover the secrets of ancient recipes close up.

By the way: do you know why Tuscan bread doesn’t contain any salt? This tradition dates back to the 16th century when a tax on salt led to the baking of “sciocco” (salt-free) bread. It can seem tasteless to begin with, but sciocco bread lends itself best to mopping up and absorbing sauces and gravies…. Tuscan bread is also an excellent basis for making croutons with liver paté and the very simply and tasty “fettunta”, an excellent way to savour olive oil. This is just a little introduction to what awaits you during a food and wine tour in Chianti, without forgetting the tours of the wineries: small producers of Chianti Classico who will win you over with top range products.

With the Chiantilive products, a team of experts from Radda in Chianti, you will have the chance to combine a multisensory trip among the flavours of Tuscany with its medieval hilly cities and Renaissance jewels: a food and wine tour in the unforgettable Chianti to do at least once in a lifetime.