Tour in Chianti

Visiting Tuscany, precisely the Chianti area, is like living in a fairytale! Nature, gentle hills adorned with ancient farmhouses and tapered cypress trees that mark out silent paths, meadows, vineyards and fields of sunflowers stretching out – a tour in Chianti will make you fall unconditionally in love with this land!

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Activity in Chianti

Are you planning a stay in Tuscany among the romantic and green hills and you are wondering what there is to do in the famous area of Chianti? Enter our website to discover the various travel ideas and all our services to organize a personalized stay.

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What to eat and drink in Chianti

If Italy can boast the most enticing cuisine in Europe, Tuscany is both its kitchen cupboard and inspiration. This sunny region lined with vineyards is rich in slices of culinary paradise and is the perfect place for enjoying the best food and drink experiences.

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